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Hydrotherm Equipment

Hydrotherm is first and foremost a massage training business, but we are a training business with a true USP (unique selling point), one which you will benefit from once you’ve taken and passed our courses. The Hydrotherm massage system is the business differentiator that every massage therapist and spa owner needs, but many don’t have.

Filled with warm water, the Hydrotherm system adds a different dimension to massage treatments. Its soothing warmth and supportive feel will physiologically and psychologically guide your client into a more relaxed state. Physiologically, it kickstarts the parasympathetic (rest-and-digest) nervous system, reducing blood pressure & heart rate, and activating the digestive system. Psychologically, it’s a bit like those first few seconds of sinking into a steaming hot bath. All of those stresses, complexities and plans simply evaporate, leaving your client to focus on the most important thing, the massage.

Hydrotherm adds a physical dimension for the therapist, too. It negates the need for the client to turn over during the treatment, instead allowing the therapist to access the whole body while the client lies on their back. The rhythmic flow of the Hydrotherm-specific massage techniques is the icing on the cake, reducing repetitive strain injuries to the therapist and providing a wonderful, free-flowing massage experience for the client.

This page will take you through the systems Hydrotherm provides, what their uses are, and why it’s a worthwhile investment for your business, whether you are a one-person-band or a larger spa, salon or clinic.

The Hydrotherm Mobile System

This is for the out-and-about therapists who prefer getting out to see their various clients within the comfort of their own homes.

It is a simple, effective and cost-efficient way of providing Hydrotherm massages if you’re not always in the same place.

The Hydrotherm mobile system will give you:

  • Two Hydrotherm cushions
  • A lumbar support

All Hydrotherm cushions are easily fillable with warm water on the day and at the location you will be working. The lumbar support is to be placed under a client’s knees to protect their back as you work.

The Hydrotherm Heatpad System

This is the full system, for those who work from one location to see multiple clients. It’s simple to set up and, once ready, is quick and easy to change over between clients, simply clean it off and get the next person on. It doesn’t need to be turned off at all, leave it plugged-in, on, and covered over to retain the heat and it’ll use almost no electricity.

When uncovered and operational, the energy consumption is comparable to a 40-watt lightbulb, almost nothing! The Hydrotherm Heatpad system will give you:

  • Two Hydrotherm cushions
  • A lumbar support
  • Two silicone heat-pads
  • A digital control box, to maintain the temperature.
  • A power-supply

As with the mobile system, the cushions are easily fillable. However, the beauty of the Hydrotherm Heatpad system is that you need only replace the water once every 6 months.

The Hydrotherm Lumbar Support

To support the client’s lumbar spine as the therapist works, this inflatable bolster is key to providing a fully safe, relaxing treatment for clients to recline and enjoy.

This comes as a standard part of either the Hydrotherm Mobile System or the Hydrotherm Heatpad System.

The Hydrotherm Occipital Supports

The occipital support protects and provides comfort for the head and neck of the client.

They come in two distinct sizes and is bought in our online shop as a separate item from either the Heatpad or Mobile systems.