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Hydrotherm Training

Hydrotherm courses will change your massage business. As part of our family, you will be able to take one of two routes on your Hydrotherm journey. Whether you opt for the anatomy-based Clinical route, or the restorative Spa & Holistic route, either one will provide you with the essential knowledge in Hydrotherm equipment setup and massage techniques, whilst allowing you to develop the skills that suit your business model.

All Hydrotherm courses are taught in one day and are designed to allow you or your therapists to get back to work as quickly as possible.

Spa & Holistic

The Hydrotherm spa route will provide you with the very best training in the essential, tactile, and experience-led Hydrotherm massages. As a beauty or holistic therapist, you want every second of your client’s experience to exude tranquillity.

Your spa or treatment room is their safe haven from the busy world outside, a place of rest and recuperation. Our one-day spa courses are specially designed to provide you with the core information and skills you need to use Hydrotherm and to deliver the most relaxing massage your client will ever experience.


The Hydrotherm clinical route will introduce you to the precision of understanding required to deliver remedial treatments to solve your clients’ physical problems.

You’ll begin to grasp the key principles of treating those who come to you with injuries.

The course will inform you of how to think laterally and creatively about injury management, as well as the names of key muscles, how to locate and treat them and how to continue your learning.

Please download the Hydrotherm Therapist Progression Chart, which will illustrate your progression through your Hydrotherm journey.

Hydrotherm Level One – S1/C1

Your first step on the journey to a better massage for your clients and a flourishing, more unique business model. Massage is a kinaesthetic process, and we firmly believe that it is only by doing that we can truly develop. For most of this day-course, you will be at the helm, palpating key muscles, practicing the flowing Hydrotherm techniques, or setting up the system for yourself.

By the end of the course you’ll understand the essentials and feel confident and excited about your future, delivering a better, more restorative massage for your clients.


Therapists can expect:

  • To learn how to evolve their massage skills by learning and beginning to perfect the unique Hydrotherm techniques.
  • To be introduced to the Hydrotherm teaching methodologies.
  • To be taught some key muscles throughout the body, their origins, insertions and why they are important in massage treatments (C1).
  • To be taught how to emphasise flowing movements and techniques, designed to maximise effectiveness and deepen relaxation (S1).
  • To understand Hydrotherm equipment & setup.
  • To be assessed on the day.

Please download the full course description for the Hydrotherm C1/S1 course

Hydrotherm Tranquil Sea, Massage for those with Cancer – S2/C4

Hands really can help heal. So many do not understand how physically arduous facing cancer can be, nor how draining the associated feelings of fear and loneliness can make it. Receiving a massage has been clinically proven to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation, leading to greater feelings of wellbeing, contentedness and acceptance.

The Hydrotherm Tranquil sea course has been specially developed to put you at ease emotionally and medically when dealing with those who have cancer. Crucially, you will learn that massage for those with cancer is perfectly safe, so long as a number of simple procedures and precautions are observed.

You will be shown how to provide a caring, informed massage which aims to alleviate symptoms of physical discomfort and emotional stress caused by conventional cancer treatments. There is simply no greater sign of compassion and care than that of offering emotional reassurance through touch.


Therapists can expect:

  • To learn the facts and myths concerning massage and cancer.
  • To discuss the benefits of Hydrotherm massage for those with cancer.
  • To learn how to plan for cancer treatments effectively, so that they feel reassured and can continue to build on their experiences.
  • To learn how to create an environment of positivity towards touch, emotion and reassurance.
  • To understand the contraindications of working with cancer patients.
  • To understand the important medical terminologies relating to cancer patients.
  • To discuss business practicalities, such as where to get insurance for treating those with cancer.
  • To be assessed on the day.

Please download the full course description for the Hydrotherm for Cancer Tranquil Sea S2/C4 course.

Hydrotherm Applied Anatomy – C2 (clinical course only)

This course will change the way you think about the body. The Hydrotherm applied anatomy course teaches massage-relevant anatomy in a way that you’ve never been taught before. You may have learnt some muscle names, and perhaps even the names of some muscle attachments. But, how comfortable and credible do you feel that when treating someone, you really know your stuff? The crucial difference is that this course will teach you what those muscles feel like. You will be taught how to locate them by touch, not textbook.

With over 30 years of experience and success in training and delivering massage therapy, we know that learning by doing and feeling is the only way to truly learn massage therapy. If you value knowledge, hands-on experience, and being a step ahead, then this course is for you.


Therapists can expect:

  • To be taught the basics in how to assess a client, what to look out for posturally and habitually and how to discuss and record this information.
  • To be taught an array of the statistically most likely muscles to become injured or cause problems.
  • To be taught the origins, insertions and actions of these muscles.
  • To be taught some of the statistically most likely tendons and ligaments to become injured or cause problems.
  • To be taught how to effectively treat these muscles, ligaments and tendons.
  • To be taught bony landmarks which are important and relevant to massage therapy.
  • To be assessed on the day.

Please download the full course description for the Hydrotherm Applied Anatomy – S2/C4 course.

Hydrotherm Massage During Pregnancy – S3/C3

Offer something innovative at your spa or clinic. The Hydrotherm system is uniquely suited to treating those who are pregnant. Unfortunately, the industry convention of using side-lying techniques can be uncomfortable for expectant mothers, but also really awkward for you as the therapist. This all changes with Hydrotherm.

For the first time during a massage, an expectant mother can lie on her back in perfect safety and lavish comfort for an entire treatment, not having to move or turn over once. This course will teach you everything you need to know about how to set up the system and how to care for your client.


Therapists can expect:

  • To learn the facts and myths concerning pregnancy and massage.
  • To learn how to plan effectively for a pregnancy massage.
  • To learn how to use Hydrotherm to provide a comfortable, safe Hydrotherm treatment.
  • To learn which areas of the body are most prone to physical strain during pregnancy and how to massage them effectively.
  • To learn some of the basic facts regarding the the changing anatomy and physiology of an expectant mother (S3).
  • To learn in detail the science of the changing anatomy and physiology of an expectant mother through trimesters 1 – 3.

Please download the full course description for the Hydrotherm Massage During Pregnancy – S3/C3.

Hydrotherm In-House Trainer – S4/C5

Gain complete control over the training of new therapists in your business, seamlessly maintain your high treatment standards, whilst also saving yourself time and money. You’ll learn how to run your own S1 course, designed to introduce new therapists to the Hydrotherm setup, massage techniques and philosophy within the comfort of your own spa or clinic.

This course is perfect for those who operate a medium or large business with a turnover of staff.


Therapists can expect:

  • To learn how to set up the Hydrotherm equipment and how to teach it.
  • To learn the key Hydrotherm teaching methodologies, and how to convey them effectively to trainees.
  • To review the relevant anatomical terms, providing them with greater credibility and confidence as they teach.
  • To learn the course structure in order to teach it perfectly every time.
  • To be assessed on the day.

Please download the full course description for the Hydrotherm In-House Trainer – S4/C5.