Hydrotherm In-House Trainer Module (IHT)

Designed for those who manage spas or salons with multiple treatment rooms and/or therapists, this will allow you and your business to train new therapists as and when you require, and to manage your costs and timescales as effectively as possible.

The basic IHT module will take a minimum of two days (depending upon trainee numbers) and includes the Hydrotherm level one course and In-House Trainer modules as mandatory.

Why choose IHT?

You’ll have absolute control:

  • Costs – Keep your business costs to a minimum by choosing when to train your own therapists.
  • Timings – Should someone leave your business, be ready to respond as quickly as possible to train someone new.
  • Personnel – You can choose who you train and who does the training on your behalf.

Keep your therapists motivated:

  • Provide an easy and exciting cross-pollination of skills; maternity treatments, massage for those with cancer, or applied anatomy can all improve your therapists’ skillsets and will keep them motivated and enthusiastic to learn more.

You set the standard:

  • Maintain the highest developmental standards. By picking your own trainer, you can directly control the information relayed to your trainees, as well as the quality of the courses that they teach.

If you are interested, please call or email Niki from our customer relations team, on 07815 693735 or Niki@hydrotherm.co.uk to find out more or to arrange a demonstration.

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