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Hydrotherm Massage During Pregnancy Course




Quality GuaranteedDoing this course will give you the skills and confidence you need to treat mums-to-be.

If you purchase this course, you can expect:

  • To learn the facts and myths concerning pregnancy and massage.
  • To learn how to plan effectively for a pregnancy massage.
  • To learn how to use Hydrotherm to provide a comfortable, safe Hydrotherm treatment.
  • To learn which areas of the body are most prone to physical strain during pregnancy and how to massage them effectively.
  • To learn some of the basic facts regarding the the changing anatomy and physiology of an expectant mother (S3).
  • To learn in detail the science of the changing anatomy and physiology of an expectant mother through trimesters 1 – 3.

Please download the full course description for the Hydrotherm Massage During Pregnancy – S3/C3.


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