Hydrotherm Tranquil Sea Course




Quality GuaranteedLearn how to set up your business and couch to care for those with cancer.

If you purchase this course, you can expect:

  • To learn the facts and myths concerning massage and cancer.
  • To discuss the benefits of Hydrotherm massage for those with cancer.
  • To learn how to plan for cancer treatments effectively, so that you feel reassured and can continue to build on your experiences.
  • To learn how to create an environment of positivity towards touch, emotion and reassurance.
  • To understand the contraindications of treating those with cancer.
  • To understand the important medical terminologies relating to cancer treatments.
  • To discuss business practicalities, such as where to get insurance for treating those with cancer.
  • To be assessed on the day.

Please download the full course description for the Hydrotherm for Cancer Tranquil Sea S2/C4 course.


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